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Amethyst Cluster from Turkey

Amethyst Cluster from Turkey


Alacham Amethyst from Turkey 

  • From the remote mountains of Alacham, Balikesir, Western Anatolian, Region of Turkey
  • Extraordinary amethyst formations 
  • Only locality known for such versatile color



  • A must have crystal 
  • Extremely powerful, high vibrational and protective 
  • Guards against psychic attack
  • Enhances spiritual awareness
  • Helps overcome addictions and blockages of all kinds
  • A natural stress reliever
  • Helps you feel less scattered and more focused 
  • Helpful with insomnia
  • Enhances memory and and increases motivation
  • Facilitates meditation
  • Can relieve headaches
  • Stimulates the crown chakra

Will fade in the sunlight


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