Angelite Angel

Angelite Angel

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  • A 'stone of awareness'
  • Represents peace and brotherhood
  • Facilitates contact with the angelic realm
  • Raises your vibration
  • A powerful stone for healers, as it deepens attunement and heightens awareness
  • Helps you speak your truth
  • Alleviates psychological pain
  • Creates a deep feeling of peace and tranquility 
  • Helps one feel safe and loved
  • Balances your energy

From Peru


Crystal Angels

  • They anchor angelic energies
  • Can help you connect with your guardian angels, Archangels or any other angels you choose to work with
  • When placed around the home or in a healing room, they add a high vibration of angelic support, protection and/or healing
  • They can be placed in the center of an angelic crystal grid
  • Small ones are nice to carry in your pocket or to place under your pillow
  • There are many angels just waiting for us to ask for their assistance
  • Having a crystal angels just strengthens our intentions


These angels are approximately 1 1/8" to 1 1/4" tall.