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Apache Tear

Apache Tear

Apache Tear

  • A form of black obsidian
  • Excellent for absorbing negative energy and protecting the aura
  • Comforts grief
  • Stimulates analytical capabilities
  • Promotes forgiveness

From Arizona


The Legend of The Apache Tear

  • During a battle in the Superstition Mountains, a party of Indian braves chose to leap to their death from a cliff rather than be captured and be made slaves for the Spanish mines.
  • After the battle, wives and sweethearts came to claim their men and seeing they were all dead, fell to the ground and began to cry.
  • As their tears fell to the earth, their sobs were picked up by the winds and carried to the gods. 
  • The gods discovered it had been a mistake of theirs that had caused the death of the brave men.  
  • In order to prevent it from happening again, they turned their tears to stone to be carried as a good luck emblem by all future lovers, so that no tragedy would ever happen to their love.  


These are priced by weight and not necessarily by size.

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