Black Obsidian Wire Wrapped Obelisk Necklace

Black Obsidian Wire Wrapped Obelisk Necklace

Black Obsidian

  • A very powerful and creative stone
  • Very protective as it repels negativity and disperses unloving thoughts
  • A grounding stone
  • Increases self control
  • Useful in past life work
  • Amplifies inner strength



  • A tapered four-sided shaft of stone, the pyramidal apex represents a captured solar ray or a cosmic mountain
  • The pointed pillar symbolizes the journey of the spirit from the vibrations of the material “earthly” world to the subtle energies of the etheric field 
  • The pillars support the heavens, humankind’s highest aspiration
  • An obelisk is an instrument of Divine Timing, which marks sacred space and time


Please note:  I noticed a small chip on one of the corners.  You could wear it with the chip in the back and no one would ever see it.  I am making it $9 instead of $12 because of this.  I zoomed in and took a photo of it.  

    $12.00 Regular Price
    $9.00Sale Price