Black Onyx (Shinier)

Black Onyx (Shinier)

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Black Onyx

  • Shields body and mind from negative energy
  • Prevents drain of personal energy
  • Can alleviate depression 
  • Promotes vigor and stamina
  • Useful in past life work
  • Aids in healing old grief and sorrow
  • Alleviates fears and worries


Please note:  I have two different Black Onyx tumbled stones listed.  I get them from different dealers.  One is shinier and the other is more of a matte finish, kind of curvy and some pieces have some brown in them.  It's just a personal preference so I decided to take photos of both and give everyone a choice.  I have more of a variety of sizes of the curvy ones.  Please look at them both and choose whichever you are drawn to.  Sometimes I take the shinier ones to shows and sometimes I take the curvier ones to shows.  I just go with whichever I'm led to take.