Black Opal 75-80 mm Sphere

Black Opal 75-80 mm Sphere

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Black Opal

Sometimes referred to as Brown Opal

  • A stone of prediction
  • Can inspire great ideas and good fortune
  • Provides protection
  • Has a gentle energy
  • Brings comfort, warmth and balance
  • Can help alleviate loneliness
  • Encourages a peaceful sleep
  • Can assist with lifting depression
  • Has a dynamic grounding energy as well

From Madagascar



AKA Crystal Balls

  • Equally projects energy out on all sides
  • Their perfect symmetry brings balance, peace and relaxing energies into its environment
  • Great for meditation, as they provide a deep sense of wholeness
  • They unite all parts of your being and connect you with the energy of your surroundings
  • Connected to the Earth, the Moon or other Planets
  • Can help open the Third Eye Chakra, assisting in developing clairvoyance
  • Can slow down and neutralize harmful or unbalanced energies
  • Great for placing in the home or office as they bring a peaceful and grounded energy
  • Place in the center of a crystal grid for earth healing, harmony, protection or psychic development 
  • If the stone is made from a material that absorbs negative energies, then this shape helps it to hold space very nicely


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