Black Tourmaline 8mm bead Bracelet

Black Tourmaline 8mm bead Bracelet

Black Tourmaline

  • An ultimate protector
  • An effective blocker of psychic attack and ill-wishing
  • Forms a powerful absorbing shield against toxic energy
  • Protects against EMF and negativities of all kinds
  • Connects to the base chakra
  • Grounds energy and increases physical vitality
  • Disperses tension and stress
  • Assists in clearing negative thoughts and promotes a positive attitude


These are a very nice quality of beads.  I searched high and low in Denver for Black Tourmaline Bracelets and I found these on the last day.  Since Covid-19, Black Tourmaline has been in high demand and has been difficult to obtain.  I was thrilled to get these.  I'm putting some online and I will be taking some to shows, while supplies last.  They are a bit more expensive than a lot of my other bracelets, but I price things according to what I have to pay for them.  



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