Botryoidal Prehnite with Epidote and Stilbite

Botryoidal Prehnite with Epidote and Stilbite

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  • A stone of unconditional love
  • The crystal to heal the healer
  • Enhances visualization
  • Induces deep meditation
  • Enhances precognition and inner knowing
  • Brings peace and protection
  • Alleviates nightmares, fears and phobias



  • Increases spiritual attunement
  • Offers the courage to enjoy life to the fullest and the ability to manifest dreams
  • Strengthens your sense of identity and personal power
  • Enhances perception
  • Purifies the emotional body, releasing grief and old emotional trauma
  • Supports the body’s healing process

Note: Not everyone responds well to this stone, as it can bring thoughts and feelings to the surface that require effort to transform



  • Enhances creativity
  • Opens intuition
  • Grounds spiritual energy
  • Aids spiritual journeying
  • Gives guidance and direction throughout journeying
  • Aids traveling into the upper spiritual realms and brings back conscious memories