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Bronzite Double Terminated Necklace

Bronzite Double Terminated Necklace


  • The “stone of courtesy”
  • Promotes loving equitability and unprejudiced discernment 
  • Provides the courage to “do” and the action of “being”
  • A powerful stone for alleviating feelings of self doubt and self criticism
  • Wards off spiritual toxins
  • Very grounding
  • Restores harmony
  • Alleviates doubt
  • Brings total serenity
  • Helpful for chronic exhaustion 
  • Great to meditate with


Double Termination

  • Double terminated (DT) crystals have definitive points at both ends.  Some are natural and some are shaped.  
  • A DT radiates or absorbs energy at both ends simultaneously, channeling it in two directions at once
  • A stone of balance
  • Integrates spirit and matter and can provide a bridge between two energy points
  • Useful in healing as they absorb negative energy and break old patterns which can assist in overcoming addictions
  • Can be used to integrate previously blocked parts of the self
  • Placed on the third eye, DT can enhance telepathy
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