Bumblebee Jasper 4 1/2" Skull

Bumblebee Jasper 4 1/2" Skull

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Bumblebee Jasper

  • Activates the sacral and solar plexus chakras
  • Enables you to accept change, increases self-esteem and find new opportunities and make decisions without relying on emotions
  • Encourages total honesty with yourself
  • Represents triumph over the impossible
  • Encourages the 'pollination' of new projects
  • Supremely nurturing
  • Cam help with abdominal issues, allergies, the nervous system and heart and circulatory system disorders

Combination of volcanic matter, anhydrite, hematite, sulfur, arsenic, etc.  

From Indonesia


You will receive the skull in the photo.  It measures approximately 4 1/2" from front to back.  Please note:  Bumblebee Jasper skulls are rare to come by.