Bumblebee Jasper Skull

Bumblebee Jasper Skull

Bumblebee Jasper

  • Activates the sacral and solar plexus chakras
  • Enables you to accept change, increases self-esteem and find new opportunities and make decisions without relying on emotions
  • Encourages total honesty with yourself
  • Represents triumph over the impossible
  • Encourages the 'pollination' of new projects
  • Supremely nurturing
  • Cam help with abdominal issues, allergies, the nervous system and heart and circulatory system disorders

Combination of volcanic matter, anhydrite, hematite, sulfur, arsenic, etc.  

From Indonesia


Crystal Skulls

  • Help connect with spirit guides, ancestors, spiritual teachers and ascended masters
  • Can provide protection and healing when worked with
  • Can connect with ancient knowledge as they are record keepers
  • Assist with channeling guidance
  • Can be held during meditation
  • You can also use them as part of a crystal grid
  • They each have their own personality and when asked, will give you their name

This is just a snippet of information.  There are many good books and articles to provide more information


You will receive the piece in the photo.  This is approximately a 2" skull.  


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