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Carnelian Heart

Carnelian Heart

SKU: carh15


  • A stone of courage
  • Activates the lower chakras
  • Grounds and anchors you in the present reality
  • A stabilizing stone with high energy
  • Stimulates creativity, vitality and motivation
  • Improves analytic abilities and clarifies perception
  • A powerful protector against envy, rage and resentment
  • Calms anger and banishes emotional negativity
  • Stimulates the metabolism
  • Placed near the front door invokes protection and invites abundance



  • The heart shaped crystal is known to attract loving energy, as well as energies that can help those with negative emotions.
  • This healing crystal deals with the mental body, and works to deter sadness, grief, suffering and pain.
  • The heart crystal has also been known to increase fertility.
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