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SKU: C26


  • A stone of purification and regeneration
  • Facilitates conscious astral journeying and past life exploration
  • Placed on the third eye, stimulates channeling and metaphysical awareness
  • Brings optimism and inspiration into your world
  • A self-reflective stone, assists in going deep within
  • Helps you think before you act, combining intuition and knowledge
  • A protective stone

From India


You will receive the piece in the photo.  Please note:  This stone is smaller than some of the other ones in the same price range.  You are basically paying for the amount of blue, which is the cavansite.  Even though this one is small in size, it has a huge amount of blue in it.  

They are no longer mining Cavansite so if you see a piece you like, I'd grab it.  The price goes up every time I buy it.  This is one that I hand pick each and every piece.  

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