Chlorite in Quartz Tower

Chlorite in Quartz Tower

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Chlorite in Quartz     

AKA Phantom Quartz

  • A powerful healing combination
  • The quartz amplifies the purifying and detoxifying properties of the chlorite
  • Chlorite helps to cleanse the aura, chakra and energy meridians
  • Great to use with excessive anger or frustration as it gently removes and dissipates the energy
  • Helps resolve issues of the heart and remove blockages and resistance, which include acknowledging, forgiving, releasing and moving forward
  • Healers, a must have for your healing crystal inventory 

From Brazil



  • The vertical structure and shape is suggestive of the hierarchies between higher and lower, power and powerlessness
  • Gives one the courage to be open to different vistas with a far seeing point of view; perhaps one of patience and endurance in solitude
  • Supports the movement inward with introspective and creative musings allowing for reflection and study while patiently waiting for new visions
  • An instrument of Divine Timing - marking sacred space and time


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