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Clear Quartz Pyramid

Clear Quartz Pyramid

Clear Quartz

  • Stone of ‘Cosmic Consciousness’
  • Amplifies energies
  • Elevates and heals on all levels
  • Programmable by one’s focused intentions
  • Encourages clarity
  • Cleanses and balances physical and spiritual bodies
  • Enhances psychic abilities, tuning you to your spiritual path
  • Harmonizes with all stones



  • With their four triangular sides and square base, they both anchor and direct energies
  • The strong base acts as an anchor for your intention
  • The apex sends that intention out into the universe
  • They are tools for manifesting and amplifying energy
  • They work well when placed around the home
  • Small ones can be placed on the chakras for chakra balancing
  • They make a great center stone for a crystal grid to amplify your intentions, raise the vibration or to send protection to someone
  • Their sacred shape has been used by many ancient civilizations
  • The Egyptians believed they symbolized the rays of the sun
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