Green Moonstone AKA Garnierite Mini Heart

Green Moonstone AKA Garnierite Mini Heart

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Green Moonstone AKA Garnierite

  • “The Stone of The Goddess”
  • Helps tap into the feminine Earth energy
  • Harnesses and holds the mystery of the moon
  • Promotes emotional healing as it helps connect with the medicine of the Earth and Moon
  • Helps ease stress, anxiety and overwhelming feelings
  • Assists with enhancing psychic abilities 
  • Helps us to understand ad appreciate the never-ending cycles of life, as each end comes to fruition, a new beginning takes place

From Madagascar


Crystal Heart 

  • They remind you that you are always surrounded by love
  • Connects with the energy of our Heart Chakra
  • Can be placed over the heart, when doing healing work
  • Small hearts can be carried with you and medium to large ones can be placed around the home or bedroom
  • They can also be used in meditation and in crystal grids
  • Helpful in attracting love from others as well as nourishing yourself with love from within
  • Deals with the mental body, and works to deter sadness, grief, suffering and pain
  • Helps to heal the heart and emotional wounds
  • Brings loving energies and help balance any relationships
  • The crystal heart has also been known to increase fertility (if that is the intention)


You will receive the one in the photo.