Polychrome Jasper Flame

Polychrome Jasper Flame

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Polychrome Jasper

AKA Desert Jasper

  • Encourages good health, wisdom, courage and balance
  • Especially good at balancing the emotional energy of the body
  • Helps you reach out to others out of strength rather than need
  • A grounding stone
  • Highly protective when traveling between worlds

Discovered in Madagascar in 2006


Crystal Flames

  • Helps to access and unblock your lower chakras in meditation
  • When used during meditation, the energy swirls and flows through the flame, twisting and turning, then exits through the flame’s point (It’s best to hold it near your solar plexus with your hands cupped around it
  • Flame energy assists in accessing something deeper and opening something within
  • Symbolizes the combined power of fire along with the properties of the stone it is carved from
  • Also makes a very beautiful, unique display


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