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  • Attuned to the higher self
  • Transforms dreams into concrete realities
  • Stimulates your metaphysical abilities
  • Strengthens creativity
  • Harmonizes body, mind and soul
  • Beneficial for detoxification, radiation induced disease, tumors, the ears, eyes, nose, throat and fungal infections
  • Removes stagnant energy
  • Assists with anxiety by replacing negative emotions with loving serenity

From Peru


These are priced by weight and not necessarily by size.  Covellite contains Pyrite, so the pieces with more Pyrite makes them heavier, thus they might look smaller. 


I have also consolidated all of the tumbled I have in this listing.  I used to have some of the largest pieces listed individually.  I am trying to not have so many listing for people to scroll through.  Please go by the photos with the coin instead of what the sizes might say.  The sizes are just a way for me to have many price points.  

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