Crystal Tarot Kit

Crystal Tarot Kit

Crystal Tarot Kit


The Fool - Clear Quartz

The Magician - Labradorite

The High Priestess - Amethyst

The Empress - Chrysoprase

The Emperor - Red Jasper

The Hierophant - Carnelian

The Lovers - Rose Quartz

The Chariot - Golden Tiger Eye

Justice - Banded Agate

The Hermit - Howlite

Wheel of Fortune - Green Aventurine

Strength - Citrine

The Hanged Man - Fluorite

Death - Bloodstone

Temperance - Lapis Lazuli

The Devil - Black Tourmaline

The Tower - Leopardskin Jasper

The Star - Tektite

The Moon - Moonstone

The Sun - Sunstone

Judgement - Blue Tiger Eye AKA Hawk’s Eye

The World - Unakite


Please note: more information coming soon.  The descriptions and instructions are still being tweaked.  It will be ready to be shipped out Monday, June 1st.  There are stones to correlate with each of the Major Arcana Cards.  It will come with detailed instructions and a velvet bag.  


You will receive each stone individually bagged with the an information paper about the stone.  If you aren't very familiar with stones, I recommend taking a photo of each stone with the description paper.  You will be keeping all the stones in the velvet bag and drawing out a stone like you would a card.  Like I said, you will receive a full set of recommended instructions.  


This is something I was shown to put together about 3 years ago, but never had the time to complete it.  You don't have to know about tarot to be able to utilize this kit.  I'm very excited!!!