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Distance Bracelets

Distance Bracelets

These are sold as a pair.  One is Black Agate with a Howlite bead and the other is Howlite with a Black Agate bead.


Distance Bracelets

  • Remind yourself of the special relationships you have with those that you adore with these Black Agate and White Howlite Distance Bracelets.
  • Distance, whether it be a few miles to oceans in length, cannot take away from the connections you have worked to build with your loved ones.
  • This set can be shared between a couple, friends, family members, siblings or anyone else that is special to you!


Black Agate

  • Protects against negative energies
  • Attracts good fortune and promotes goodwill
  • Increases concentration and clarity
  • Aids in overcoming flaws, fears & loneliness
  • Instills a sense of strength and courage



  • Extremely calming
  • Relieves insomnia
  • Promotes a desire for knowledge 
  • Teaches patience and eliminates anger
  • Stills the mind


These bracelets have 8mm beads

    $20.00 Regular Price
    $17.00Sale Price
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