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Grief Kit

Grief Kit

Grief Kit

  • Apache Tear - eases and releases pain, loss, sadness and anger, to help heal and go on with life.
  • Rose Quartz - soothes heartache and loss, promotes acceptance and peace.
  • Amazonite - dispels grief, sadness and negative energy. 
  • Tiger Eye - aids in dealing with difficult periods in life.
  • Jade - brings balance, healing and calm.


Note:  You will receive an organza bag, however it may possibly be another color.  I have plenty of stones, but sometimes run out of specific bag colors or the manufacturer changes the shade of color.



A bit more about each stone:

Apache Tear

  • A form of black obsidian
  • Excellent for absorbing negative energy and protecting the aura
  • Comforts grief
  • Stimulates analytical capabilities
  • Promotes forgiveness


Rose Quartz

  • Opens the heart to all types of love
  • Helps to raise self-esteem and restore confidence
  • Promotes peace and happiness by emitting a calming energy
  • Balances emotions
  • Heart Chakra stone



  • The ‘Stone of Courage’
  • Calms the brain and nervous system
  • Heals and opens Heart and Throat Chakras to enhance loving communication
  • Soothes emotional trauma
  • Protects against electromagnetic pollution
  • Dispels negative energy and aggravation
  • Alleviates worry and fear
  • Also opens the third eye and intuition


Golden Tiger Eye

  • A stone of protection, especially during travel
  • Enhances integrity, willpower, practicality and self-confidence
  • Boosts the solar plexus
  • Enhances good luck and attracts prosperity



  • A symbol of purity and serenity
  • A protective stone
  • Calms the nervous system and soothes the mind
  • Increases love and nurturing
  • Attracts good luck
  • Brings insightful dreams when placed on forehead
  • Heart chakra stone
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