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Interchangeable Pendulum Set

Interchangeable Pendulum Set

Stones included in the set from top left to right, then bottom left to right:


Rose Quartz

  • Opens the heart to all types of love
  • Helps to raise self-esteem and restore confidence
  • Promotes peace and happiness by emitting a calming energy
  • Balances emotions
  • Heart Chakra stone



  • Unites logic with intuition
  • Opens spiritual perception
  • Brings information from the higher mind to the physical level
  • Instills a drive for truth, helping you to stay true to yourself and stand up for your beliefs
  • Clears electromagnetic pollution and can be placed near electronic devices to block their emanations 
  • Eliminates mental confusion
  • Encourages rational thought 
  • Brings emotional balance and can calm panic attacks
  • Balances metabolism
  • Relaxes the mind and body
  • Works with the throat and third eye chakras



  • A crystal of courage
  • Activates the lower chakras
  • Grounds and anchors
  • Restores vitality and motivation
  • Stimulates creativity
  • Cleans other stones
  • Placed near the front door invokes protection and invites abundance


Yellow Calcite

  • Stimulates intellect Often referred to as ‘the great eliminator’
  • Enhances one’s will and self confidence
  • When placed on the Solar Plexus chakra, can infuse one with a sense of optimism and new hope
  • Calms anxiety and soothes the nerves



  • A must have crystal 
  • Extremely powerful, high vibrational and protective 
  • Guards against psychic attack
  • Enhances spiritual awareness
  • Helps overcome addictions and blockages of all kinds
  • A natural stress reliever
  • Helps you feel less scattered and more focused 
  • Helpful with insomnia
  • Enhances memory and and increases motivation
  • Facilitates meditation
  • Can relieve headaches
  • Stimulates the crown chakra


Red Jasper

  • Grounds energy and rectifies unjust situations
  • Brings vitality and a surge of life force energy
  • Inspires a positive attitude, giving motivation to chase your dreams
  • Stimulates base chakras
  • Placed under the pillow can help with dream recall


    Green Aventurine

    • A stone of ‘luck’ and prosperity
    • A comforter and heart healer
    • Neutralizes electromagnetic pollution
    • Dissolves negative emotions and thoughts 
    • Brings well being and emotional calm






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