Jigalong Jasper

Jigalong Jasper

Jigalong Jasper   **Online Only**

  • Connected to the heart chakra
  • Has mesmerizing mauve and burgundy coloring which is very soothing to look at (some even have some golden swirls and coloring in them)
  • Calms and slows down a busy mind when held 
  • Has a very soft energy
  • Assists with emotional healing
  • Very uplifting
  • Can enhance creativity
  • Bestows self confidence

Found in a remote Indigenous community, located in Western Australia in the Pilbara Region


Please note:  Due to the vast difference in sizes, I have decided to make this an online only stone.  If you are going to be at a show and want me to bring any of these, please send me a message and let me know what size you're interested in.  They are priced by weight and not by size.  I purchased these from a man from Australia and that is why they are shaped differently than most of my other stones.  Some are really small and some are huge.  They're beautiful though.  



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