Lepidolite  **Extra Quality**

Lepidolite **Extra Quality**

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Lepidolite **Online Only**

  • The ‘peace’ stone
  • A stone of calm, trust, and acceptance 
  • Can bring hope in dark times by lending a sense of balance
  • A stone of transformation
  • Good for dreamwork 
  • Can decrease stress, anxiety and depression
  • Contains natural lithium

From Brazil


Please note:  These are Lepidolite in Mica (formation).  The reason I made these online only is the fact that I didn't have enough of one size/price to fill a bin and I didn't want to put price stickers on the mica.  They are absolutely gorgeous.  There was also a jump in weight between the M and L and also between the XL and XXL.  Also, if you notice any pink in them, they often grow with Pink Tourmaline.  You might also see quartz growing with them as well.  They are also sort of flaky because of the mica.