Lodolite Chips / Nuggets

Lodolite Chips / Nuggets


  • The 'stone of journeying'
  • Stimulates lucid dreaming
  • Assists in manifesting
  • Links with the nature spirits and Shamanic healing
  • Aids one in all forms of transformation
  • Enhances sensitivities to energies
  • Helps with deep emotional healing
  • Stone of the invisible world

Lodoloite is clear quartz with other minerals (inclusions, phantoms) which can include hematite, feldspar, chlorite, etc.  These are considered a Phantom Quartz.  


Please note:  These are bigger than most of my other chips, but this is what I got when my order came in.  They referred to them as nuggets, so I guess I should have read the fine print.  LOL  Each package has a variety of sizes.



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