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Magnetite AKA Lodestone

Magnetite AKA Lodestone


AKA Lodestone

  • Has a powerful positive-negative polarity
  • Works to attract and repel, energize and sedate
  • Aids telepathy, meditation and visualization
  • Attracts love, commitment and loyalty
  • Can be used to alleviate negative emotions such as fear, anger grief and over attachment
  • Is considered an anti-inflammatory, helping to heal muscle strains and cramps
  • Useful for stopping nosebleeds


The iinventory I have of these is quite extreme.  I have a bunch of really tiny pieces and a handful of huge pieces.  So, I'm bagging a bag of tiny pieces and pricing the bag at $3.  Then the larger pieces will be by size.  I will also be putting the bagged tiny pieces on my crystal chips page.  

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