Mtorolite  ***New Arrival***

  • Connects to the heart chakra
  • Supports a heart oriented outlook toward life while maintaining emotional balance
  • Helps to move forward with understanding and purpose
  • Provides strength during times of challenge
  • Has a calming and nurturing energy which instills peace
  • Helps one understand and comprehend lessons to be learnt and the gifts given

From Zimbabwe, named after the mountainous region of Mtoro where they are found


Please note:  The variety of sizes is only available online.  I usually take the medium size to shows.  I have a limited supply of this stone.  It's one of my new Tucson finds and the company I got it from does not do mail orders, so if it's one you're interested in, I'd go ahead and get one.  I was very fortunate to snag what I got;-)