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Mtorolite Polished Sticks and Tumbled Stones

Mtorolite Polished Sticks and Tumbled Stones


  • Connects to the heart chakra
  • Supports a heart oriented outlook toward life while maintaining emotional balance
  • Helps to move forward with understanding and purpose
  • Provides strength during times of challenge
  • Has a calming and nurturing energy which instills peace
  • Helps one understand and comprehend lessons to be learnt and the gifts given

From Zimbabwe, named after the mountainous region of Mtoro where they are found


These are priced by weight and not necessarily by size.  Please note:  I have combined the tumbled stones and the stick shaped stones together.  Many were sort of in between.  If I have both available in a size, I will include both in that size's photo.  You can always put in a message at checkout if you have a preference.  I have also reduced them in price as well.  

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