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Petrified Wood

Petrified Wood

SKU: pwr

Petrified Wood

  • A stone of transformation
  • Invaluable for grounding
  • Provides emotional comfort
  • The power lies in its ancient wisdom
  • Helpful when exploring past lives or the Akashic Record
  • Offers support during spiritual growth and the work necessary to evolve 
  • A calming stone that can help you worry less
  • Helps you accept things you cannot change
  • Has many healing properties
  • Use this stone to be all that you may be 


Please note:  There isn't a huge difference in some of the sizes.  They were priced according to weight rather than by size.  The xxsm and xsm aren't as small as some of the other stones listed on the site.  I just needed to use all the different size categories I had due to all the different sizes  I had.  Hope this makes sense.  That's why I like to use coins with the photos.  

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