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  • “Stone of Inner Freedom”
  • Infuses deep relaxing peace into the heart
  • Radiates unconditional love
  • Calms and anchors the body
  • Eases feelings of hurt, sorrow, loneliness or anxiety
  • Instills an optimistic approach to life
  • Reminds you that all of life is a spiritual experience
  • Heals issues related to self-esteem by bringing balance and harmony into daily life
  • Enhances imaginative and  creative capabilities through original thinking
  • Detoxifies cells and strengthens the overall body

From Austria


These are absolutely gorgeous and have a lot of sparkle to them.  They are even mor beautiful than in the photo.  I have had the tumbled version for over a year, but I found the raw version in Tucson this year and was taken away by their beauty.  I also have some larger raw pieces priced individually.    


I also have a few skulls in this stone as well as the tumbled and some smooth stones.  


Please note:  The variety of sizes is only available online.  If I take these to a show, I would take the medium size.  I have a limited amount of these.  I purchased all the small pieces the vendor had.  



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