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Que Sera

Que Sera

Que Sera 

  • The stone of ultimate power
  • A new age stone possessing an unusual and high vibrational frequency
  • Helps to better understand our emotions
  • Encourages us to let loose and live life to the fullest with optimism for whatever comes along the way
  • An all around healer and re-enegizer 
  • An excellent shield against Wi-Fi emanations or other electromagnetic pollutants and geopathogens
  • Balances your meridians and recharges your energy
  • Helps you find constructive solutions to problems and be confident on your actions
  • Brings strong energy and spiritual light into the body

From Brazil


I have also seen these referred to as Galaxy Rhyolite, which is appropriate since they are a part of the Rhyolite Family.  


These are priced by weight and not necessarily by size.

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