Red Creek Jasper Wand

Red Creek Jasper Wand

Red Creek Jasper

  • Brings balance, relaxation and tranquility
  • Provides protection and grounding
  • Facilitates strength and stability 
  • Helps instill confidence and assurance in yourself 
  • Has a strong connection to the Earth
  • Promotes compassion and self-discipline
  • A stone of empowerment 
  • Connected to the root chakra

Found in a vein near the Red River in Mainland China


Crystal Wand

AKA Massage Wand

  • Directs the energy out of the tip or the smallest end into an area of the body, the aura, or the chakras
  • Has a protective quality, wrapping their energy around the body of the person who holds them in their hand
  • Very powerful healing tool to break away and clear up blocked energy within the body
  • The rounded end or fattest end can be used to draw off negative energies
  • They can also channel other energies, such as Reiki through them by an Energy Healer


This wand measures approximately 4 1/4" in length