Selenite 6" Tower / Skyscraper

Selenite 6" Tower / Skyscraper

Selenite Towers or Skyscraper

  • A powerful crystal and energy tool to have in your home, office and sacred space, as it has the ability to clear, shield and protect the energy of your space. 
  • It quickly unblocks negative, stuck or stagnant energy to promote an environment of free flowing, positive energy.
  • The selenite properties shield you from outside influences, evoking protection from your angels and the angelic realm. 
  • When you place these in your space, they absorb and dispel all the negative energy to create a peaceful space of calming energy.
  • They also amplify and raise both the energy of your space and the energy of any other healing crystals it touches.  


Try your best not to get them wet as they will start to dissolve.





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