Selenite Orgonite Sphere

Selenite Orgonite Sphere


  • Powerful cleansing and healing tool
  • Unblocks stagnant and negative energy
  • Evokes protection from the angelic realm
  • Brings calming energies, deep peace and mental clarity



  • Helps raise one’s personal frequency, which helps to attract better things in life
  • Promotes better sleep and vivid dreams
  • Balances moods and increases energy
  • Decreases sensitivity to EMFs
  • Assists with spiritual and psychological growth and deepens meditation
  • Strengthens intentions and visualizations
  • Worn as a pendant, can help to protect the aura (personal energy field)


Please note:  I am not sure exactly what the blue in the sphere is.  It doesn't look like selenite.  My guess would be it was clear quartz which has been colored.  

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