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Shungite Chips

Shungite Chips

This is for 100 grams of Shungite Chips, to use to make Shungite water.  (Sorry about the glare in the photo.  I didn't want to dump them out in my photo box because they are kind of messy).  

Shungite has the ability to clean water from most organic compounds, including heavy metals, chlorine, bacteria and harmful microorganisms.  It also enriches your drinking water with potassium.  

You need to use about 100 grams of Shungite to approximately 16 ounces of water.  You should put your chips out in the sun about once a month to recharge them.  Always rinse them off prior to use and set them in the sun before you make your Shungite water.  

You might taste a charcoal like taste at first, but this is normal and most people get used to it.  You may also get a black residue on your fingers when handling Shungite, which is totally normal.  

I recommend, after cleansing and charging the chips, to put them in 16 ounces of water and refrigerate overnight or longer.  I used distilled water, but feel free to use whatever you choose.  The next morning, pour the water out into a cup and drink it, them more water with the chips and let them sit and drink again in the evening. Some people cannot handle drinking Shungite water twice a day, so try it out to see what's best for you.  It is a detoxifier and cleanser and for some people it may cause temporary diarrhea.  I have been drinking Shungite water since September and notice an increase in my energy level.  I have personally never experienced any side effects from drinking the Shungite water.  

There is much information online or feel free to contact me for any questions.  



  • A stone of ‘truth’
  • Dispels negativity and brings in spiritual light
  • Aids in releasing fear, guilt and shame
  • Contains all the minerals in the periodic table
  • Has a phenomenal shielding power
  • Place around electronics to protect against EMF
  • It’s healing properties can be used to purify water
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