Shungite Cup

Shungite Cup

This cup is made of solid Shungite.  One of the companies I buy from had these custom made because the owner got tired of messing with Shungite chips.  It is approximately 4 1/2" tall.  Just a little bigger than your average cousie.  


Shungite Water

Shungite has the ability to clean water from most organic compounds, including heavy metals, chlorine, bacteria and harmful microorganisms.  It also enriches your drinking water with potassium. 


Put your water into the cup and leave at least overnight.  It is okay to drink directly from your cup, but I pour my Shungite water into another drinking container and refill my cup with water, so I can have more to drink later in the day, if I choose.  I recommend rinsing your cup prior to use as well as setting out in the sun for several hours, prior to your first use.  You will need to place in the sun about once a month to recharge it.  I was told they were dishwasher safe, however I personally have never put mine in the dishwasher or have any plans to.   


You might taste a charcoal like taste at first, but this is normal and most people get used to it.  You may also get a black residue on your fingers when handling any form of Shungite, which is totally normal.  


I usually drink my Shungite water twice a day, however some people cannot handle drinking Shungite water twice daily, so try it out to see what's best for you.  It is a detoxifier and cleanser and for some people it may cause temporary diarrhea.  I have been drinking Shungite water since September 2018 and have noticed an increase in my energy level and also in my immune system.  I have personally never experienced any side effects from drinking the Shungite water.  


I realize the cups are not in everyones budget, so I also have Shungite chips available for purchase.  If you type in "Shungite" into the search button on the website, all of the Shungite products I have should come up.  



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