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Shungite Harmonizer Cylinder Set

Shungite Harmonizer Cylinder Set

Shungite Harmonizer Set

  • Mineral harmonizers are powerful energy tools for correcting energetic imbalances and recharging and restoring vitality.
  • The tradition comes from ancient Egyptians.
  • The set contains 1 Shungite Harmonizer and 1 Steatite Harmonizer.
  • The Shungite harmonizer, acts as a catalyzer, reinforcing the energy of the Steatite harmonizer.  Steatite produces a high energy, high vibrational effect.  
  • The Shungite should be held in the left hand, as it is the yin and it connects with the flow of lunar/female energy.  The Steatite is the yang and should be held in the right hand, as it connects with the flow of solar/male energy 


To use your harmonizers:

Sit in a relaxed pose with your legs uncrossed or in a comfortable chair.  Place the Shungite harmonizer in your left hand and the Steatite in your right hand.  With the harmonizers in your hands, place them on your knees or hold them out in front of you, keeping them parallel.

Start with holding them for 3-5 minutes at first and gradually increase up to 10-15 minutes.  It is recommended you use your harmonizers twice a day in the morning and evening for two weeks and then take a break for two weeks.  

The “recharge” and harmonization effect persists for about 2 days


Shungite is a carbon based stone, found only in a northern part of Russia, known as Karelia.  It was formed approximately 2 billion years ago and is composed of nearly all the elements of the Periodic Table.  It is considered a super healer.  It absorbs and eliminates everything that poses a hazard to biological life while concentrating and restoring all that is beneficial.  It is an excellent healer of negative emotions and toxic thoughts.  It strengthens the aura and protects from electromagnetic pollution such as cell phones, computers, etc.  


Steatite is a mineral also known as Soapstone.  It emits a calming yet stimulating energy which supports the release of old routines and creates an openness for new possibilities in life.  It’s energies are helpful for getting one moving and ready for whatever comes next.  It is a stone of manifestation.  It’s energies amplify the signal to receive and transmit messages across all realms and energy fields. 


The set comes with a velvet bag.

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