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Smoky Quartz Point

Smoky Quartz Point

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Smoky Quartz

  • One of the most efficient grounding and anchoring stones
  • A protective stone that has a link with the earth and the lower chakras
  • Can alleviate nightmares 
  • Assists in manifesting your dreams
  • Gently dissolves negative vibrations and brings in positive ones
  • Can guard vehicles from theft or mechanical breakdown and the driver against road rage 
  • Absorbs electromagnetic smog
  • Relieves fear, lifts depression and brings emotional calmness
  • To dispel stress, sit quietly for a few moments, with one in each hand

From Brazil


These are a really nice quality.  Some are short and thick and some are longer and skinnier.  They are by far the nicest ones for the price that I've ever had.  

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