Spirit Quartz AKA Cactus Quartz

Spirit Quartz AKA Cactus Quartz

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Spirit Quartz

AKA Cactus Quartz

  • An exceptionally spiritual stone that takes the energetic properties of quartz to another level
  • Radiates high vibration energy in all directions while the core crystal tightly focuses healing that reaches multi dimensions and reprograms cellular memory
  • Carries the gifts of spirit and enhances metaphysical abilities 
  • Facilities out of body journeying
  • Encourages insightful dreams
  • Carries the vibration of universal love
  • Promotes self forgiveness
  • Balances the yin and yang 
  • Cleanses other stones and enhances their energy in a healing layout
  • Instills patience
  • Assists to overcome obsessive behavior

More information in Judy Hall’s Crystal Bible Volume 2


You will recieve the piece in the photo.




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