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Tiffany Stone

Tiffany Stone

Tiffany Stone

  • Enhances intuition and metaphysical gifts
  • Opens the higher crown chakras connecting to mulit-dimensions and the highest of guidance
  • Encourages persistance and following the soul's path wherever that might lead
  • Encourages becoming more open and receptive
  • Removes blockages and brings out emotional strength
  • Fills the heart with unconditional love
  • Encourages decluttering at every level
  • Enhances clear thought and mental acuity
  • Enables communication and cleanses hidden feelings

*Please note - these stones are much smaller than many of my other stones - they are very rare, as the mine where they come from is closed


These are priced by weight and not necessarily by size.  


Please also check out the Tiffany Stone polished slices.  They have the most beautiful color to them and are a very high quality and a perfect size for wire wrapping.

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