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  • For Telepathy, Clairvoyance, Far Seeing and Imagination
  • An interesting stone, that may be either colorless or white, and has fiber-optic capabilities
  • A stone that encourages you to develop the gift of clairvoyance and of far-seeing, either far in time, or far in distance. It connects the emotions and the mind, to enable you to see what you are feeling more clearly
  • It also has the capability to assist you to read the energy and intentions of others, and to stimulate the gift of telepathy, as well as aiding the development of a number of other psychic gifts
  • This stone comes from the Californian mountains and deserts in the USA. The meaning of the Ulexite name comes from it being named after the German chemist George L Ulex who resolved its chemical make-up
  • Its nick-name is TV stone, because of its strange characteristics. If you place the stone on top of written material, and look through the stone at the right angle it may be reflected in the top of the stone, like a TV
  • It may melt or distort in some way when put in water, so it must be cleansed with care. So use one of the crystal cleansing methods that are safe for these types of stones
  • Ulexite is a third eye chakra stone, and has the ability to bring up concealed patterns so that you can see them distinctly. It may help you to make contact with the higher angelic realms and to connect with your spirit guides, or other beings such as extra-terrestrials
  • It may also assist you when you are working on developing intuition. Within the third eye chakra, it has the potential to open you to making contact with beings in other dimensions
  • It is a stone that has a strong potential to assist you to learn how to be psychic, and in particular to develop the gift of clairvoyance
  • As it activates the third eye and the pineal gland in a specific way, this helps to open you to allowing specific types of images to come through into your mind
  • This stone is a powerful stimulator of the imagination and of inspiration. It will help you to free up your imagination, and will aid you if you are having creativity blocks
  • Sometimes ideas will come through quite quickly, so should be noted down when it happens. As this may be in meditation, write them down as soon as possible afterwards, so that they will be remembered later
  • It will help to enhance your creativity, and may bring through an amazing number of imaginative thoughts into your conscious mind. It is also an excellent aid to see what is causing a specific problem, and this may aid you to find a solution to what is going on in your life
  • The power of Ulexite assists you to look into another's heart, and know what they are thinking and feeling. This may aid you if you are going through problems in your personal relationships
  • It may also stimulate the gift of mental telepathy or thought transference. This gift is useful for you to be able to use, especially between two people who are close, as it allows for more accurate unspoken communication
  • If you desire to find a way to develop your mental telepathy gifts, one of the best ways is to put one of these crystals under your pillow at night. By having it under your head it is close to the third eye chakra, which may awaken these gifts more quickly
  • When you use it in daily crystal meditation, you may choose to either hold it in your hand, or put it on your third eye. This may depend on how you choose to meditate. If you were born under the sign of Gemini, it may especially help you, as it is a birthstone for Gemini
  • It is an interesting, quite potent stone, that is capable of being programmed for contacting the angels
  • When you pick up a piece of Ulexite it has quite an obvious vibration. If you go to buy one and you do not feel this immediate energy it may not be the stone for you. If you do feel its energy, i;t is worth having
  • Its ability to help you to see into another's heart, and know what they are thinking and feeling, can help you to navigate difficult relationships and this can improve your life
  • Combining It With Other Stone
  • For exciting and energizing the imagination, the strongest stones to combine with Ulexite are Lapis Lazuli and Iolite Stones. These stones combine with Ulexite, to create a surprising visionary experience, that is powerful to stimulate and unlock your imagination
  • Although Ulexite works well on its own to help you to develop your intuition, combining it with Moldavite may aid the process. This is a powerful stone on its own to aid you to develop the gift of telepathy.


These are priced by weight and not necessarily by size.  Also, the sizes are used as price points.  Please refer to the coins in the photos to see the approximate size of what you will get.    


The last photo I put in was one of the bigger pieces over a paper.  It just demonstrates how you can see writing on a paper through it.  

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