Whiskey Quartz AKA Smoky Citrine

Whiskey Quartz AKA Smoky Citrine

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Whiskey Quartz

AKA Smoky Citrine

  • A rare variation of smoky quartz
  • Relieves anxiety
  • Helps stay focused on the here and now
  • Assists in thinking outside the box
  • Instills self confidence
  • Helps you celebrate life
  • Attracts good friendships and romance
  • Has a lighthearted energy


Please note:  These are priced by weight and not necessarily by size.  You might also notice that some are darker then others.  When I purchased them, some were listed as dark and some were not. These are very hard to come by, so I just buy what they have when they have it.  It is mostly the smaller pieces that are the darker ones.  They all have the same properties, regardless of the shade.