Yellow Honey Bee Jasper Cabachon

Yellow Honey Bee Jasper Cabachon

I don't have a metaphysical description for Yellow Honey Bee Jasper, as it is rare and only from a private mine in Junction, Colorado.  I purchased the cabachon from the owner of the mine.  I have put the properties for yellow jasper, which should be sufficient.


Yellow Jasper

  • Radiates positive vibrations, promising happiness and positivity
  • Stimulates the solar plexus chakra
  • Assists in the balancing of energy, as it connects with the vibration of the wearer/carrier
  • Amplifies self-confidence and courage
  • A strong healing stone for stress, anxiety or depression
  • Protects during spiritual work and physical travel
  • Historically revered as a talisman of protection and discernment
  • Provides inner strength and mental clarity


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